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People Evaluator Reports

  • Are used in coaching assessment, leadership training, employee appraisals and training needs analysis

  • Measure competencies, attitudes, knowledge and behaviours

  • Can be based on data gathered from individuals and teams, and optionally from external customers and suppliers

  • Can be used to compare team performance

Our reports will enable your managers or coaches to devise skills and behaviour action plans that will develop your employees and align them more closely with your business goals.
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How We Work

After clarifying your requirements and agreeing a set of defined goals for the project, we set it up for you and manage it on your behalf.​
We co-ordinate the communication with your subjects and raters, and ensure your project runs smoothly - avoiding any of the errors and pitfalls that most 360° projects experience. ​

Our goal is  to ensure that your employees get constructive feedback that they can act on in order to develop and improve their business performance.

The 360 Feedback Process

An employee (the 'subject') is given a questionnaire that asks them open questions about their performance, and asked to rate themselves against various behaviours, competencies and skill-sets.

The same questionnaire is then given to his or her colleagues, subordinates, managers and customers/clients (if appropriate), in order to gain collective feedback and build up a clear picture of the subject's performance.

He or she then meets the coach or line manager with a view to identifying what steps they need to take in order to develop their skills and improve performance.

Typical Scenarios

Employee Appraisal : Tom works for ABC company. He works in a large team and liaises with several departments. In order to find out more about how well Tom is performing in his role, he is asked to complete a 360° Feedback questionnaire, in which he rates his own performance.

The same questionnaire is then given to the people he works with, and some of his customers, with a view to getting their feedback too.

The results are then collated into an easy-to-read report, and a clear picture emerges.

Tom then sits down with his coach or line manager to identify what steps he needs to take in order to develop his skills and improve his performance

Leadership Development Programme Benchmarking : Emily also works for ABC company. She works in a small team and has both internal and external customers.

The company has developed a leadership programme and is benchmarking its effectiveness, so Emily is asked to go through a 360° Feedback process both before and after the programme, so that improvements to her leadership skills can be measured.

Any further training or coaching needs can then be identified and acted upon.

Why Organisations Assess their Employees

  • Identify and develop talent

  • To identify training needs

  • To embed positive change

  • To get an objective understanding of how they are performing

  • To gain evidence of the success or otherwise of a particular training programme, enabling them to measure the ROI


  • Reduce your training expenditure by being more targeted in your approach

  • Provides evidence of success of learning and training interventions

  • Supports employee by building their confidence and helping them become more aware of how they are performing

  • Helps you choose the right training by being clearer about the skills needed and the gaps in performance

  • Gives you a clearer picture on your employees strengths, weaknesses, and how you can direct talent towards business goals

  • Shows you who is and who isn't performing well

  • Can measure the success of a learning intervention, i.e. training, coaching or mentoring


Main Features
Assigned 360 Project Coordinator Coordinator answer queries from Raters and employees directly if required Raters Training Video “Giving Honest Feedback” available at the time of giving feedback Option to modify inappropriate Rater comments
Modify a project midway through to manage changes in requirements Reports can be easily modified, e.g. introductory text, included sections, headers, footers etc. External consultant can approve final reports *before presenting to Subject
Online support 8 hours per day with ticketed support where necessary Simulate project flow: experience notifications, questionnaires and screens as if you are each of the main roles, e.g. Subject or Rater, enabling fine-tuning of wording and avoidance of miscommunication "Easily add banks of questions, competencies and email notifications for use in other projects"


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The fixed cost of a single 360° feedback project for your employees, managed on your behalf :
Employees Price per employee
1-5 £150
6-10 £120
11-50 £90
51-100 £60
101-500 £50
501-1000 £40
100+ Call

*Empoyees ('subjects') can have up to 50 raters each.
Standard 360° Report includes a choice of sections, your logo and any text changes required within the introduction and appendix.

  • Bespoke customised reports, e.g. your own analytics or chart/graph types, which you can use with any number of employees: £400. (includes one initial meeting to clarify your requirements, presentation of the draft report with test data, up to two further iterations)

  • Any additional meetings will be provided at our standard hourly rate (please call).


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